Kiev Rapidly Losing Control of East — Now Donetsk

The Donetsk City Council refuses to accept the legitimacy of the new Kiev government, calls for referendum on the Donetsk region’s “status”,  and reinstates Russian as an official language of government.  No doubt that secret services and other players from the Russian Federation are helping to generate this apparent groundswell of opposition to the government in Kiev, but local popular support cannot be discounted.  The population of Donetsk is about evenly divided between Ukrainians and Russians.  At any rate, following on Lugansk and the defection of the commander of the Ukrainian navy, this indicates that Kiev is rapidly losing any control over eastern and southeastern Ukraine.

The source of this news, RT (Russia today), is also interesting. On the one hand, it is closely affiliated with TV-Novosti, a government owned television station, and has been criticized as a “mouthpiece” of Putin’s administration.  On the other hand, it does have interesting coverage of news one might not even hear in the Western media.  It clearly reflects a Russian government viewpoint, but on my reading is considerably less “propagandistic” than Fox News.

Here is wikipedia’s entry on RT


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