The Ukrainian War of Nerves: Further Commentary from Moscow, Kiev

Below are summaries of more commentary from, online Russian news outlet, w/r/t to the Ukrainian crisis

Aleksei Chesnakov, head of the Center for Current Politics (“Tsentr politicheskoi koniunktury”)… one time official of Putin’s “United Russia Party” … resigned in 2013) ..

If Ukrainian “radicals” continue to “menace peaceful citizens” and institute “‘general’ mobilization” (?), then PUtin likely to intervene. IF they “turn temperature down”, then perhaps not. In any event, Putin needs to act in RUssia’s national interest, ignoring international opinion and “subjective interpretations of state sovereignty.”

(Lenoe): He takes pretty much what I imagine the Putin line is.
Konstantin Kalachev, of the Political Expertise Group (Politicheskaia ekspertnaia gruppa) … one time general secretary of the “Beer-Lovers Party”¬† (!!!) and now apparently a serious political consultant…

Troops “protecting infrastructure, government buildings, public order” will not lead to major consequences, but if there are “provocations” on either side, and victims, the situation could be explosive. There will not be serious international reactions unless there is “massive bloodletting in Ukraine”. This is a “war of nerves.”


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