Turks Angry With EU Over Ukraine Crisis

From http://www.regnum.ru: Turkish foreign minister blames EU for putting Ukraine in a “for us or against us” position in negotiations or EU membership.  Claims that EU is largely to blame for crisis.

Lenoe comments:  The Turks’ belief is that the EU and “Western” powers in general ignore the fact that Ukraine is Russia’s back (or front!) yard (just as Mexico is the United States’ “backyard”, in US minds at least), and that this has to be taken into consideration in foreign relations.  The Turks have good reason to be concerned.  Ukraine and Turkey have substantial trade relations, and have declared a free trade zone.  The Turks have an obvious interest in stability along the entire Black Sea littoral.  Finally, the Turks have strong ethnic and historical ties with the Crimean Tatars, as my friend Matt Payne points out.


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