No Massive Assault on Ukrainian Bases in Crimea Overnight — Russian Pressure Continues

It’s late, and this post will have to be brief.  It is now after 6 am in Crimea and there is almost total silence in the online media about military activity in the Crimea.  So it appears that no massive Russian “storm” of Ukrainian military installations occurred overnight.  Probably the apparent Russian ultimatum (see earlier posts) and subsequent denial were part of a war of nerves.

One Ukrainian source, however, in Kiev, has some reporting of events overnight.

Early in the night Russian special forces cut video surveillance and communications of Ukrainian border posts in Crimea.

Ukrainian guards repulsed an attempt by Russian troops who used flash and smoke grenades to take over the Belbek airbase near Sevastopol.   Ukrainian guards fired in the air, and one Ukrainian soldier was wounded by a grenade.

It looks like the Russians intend to keep the pressure up on Ukrainian military units in the area, without an all-out assault.


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