Pro-Russian Demonstrators Seizing Government, Business Centers in Donetsk

Pro-Russian demonstrators have been very aggressive today in Donetsk, according to the Kiev paper Delo.  They number in the thousands (as opposed to tens of thousands), according to the paper. They have

(1) Taken over the province prosecutor’s office, demanding the release from jail of the “self-proclaimed” pro-Russian governor Pavel Gubarev.  Police withdrew from the office rather than defending it.

(2) Taken over the provincial headquarters of the Ukrainian Security Service.

(3) Seized the corporate headquarters of the Donbas Industrial Union, CEO of which is Sergei Tarut, recently appointed governor of the province by the new Kiev government.

The demonstrators are ripping up and stamping Ukrainian flags.

Pro-Russian demonstrators are also active in Kharkov, Lugansk, Zaporozhe, Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovgrad, and Nikolaev.  Demonstrators in Lugansk are distributing “ballots” for a putative referendum on east Ukraine joining the Russian Federation.




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