Russian Invasion of East Ukraine Imminent?

According to Dmitry Tymchuk ( ) , based on sources in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the non-government Ukrainian group “Information Resistance” the Russian GRU (military intelligence) is closely connected with the separatists who have organized the seizure of Ukrainian administration buildings in Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov.  Separatists in Lugansk have mined the building and hold sixty hostages according to reports.  Tymchuk, who has gotten things wrong before w/r/t a possible Russian incursion into E. Ukraine, says that GRU has instructed the separatists to prepare a “corridor” for the passage of Russian military units into East Ukraine.  Such an invasion could aim straight across the region to Odessa and the Black Sea cost.

Tymchuk claims the invasion is set for tonight — it is now around nightfall in the region.  NATO and US intelligence certainly seem to believe that the Russians have the capability to go into East Ukraine right now.  An invasion is possible at any time.  I don’t know that Western sources have concluded an invasion is likely or imminent.  Certainly the Russians are denying that any such thing is in the cards.



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