Update on East Ukrainian Situation according to Kiev Newspaper “Delo”

According to http://www.delo.ua, as of 5:30 pm local time (10:30 am EST), the city soviet building was under attack by a large group of armed activists, although they had not succeeded in storming the building.

Also in Kharkov a demonstration in favor of Ukrainian unity numbering 3000 according to police estimates was attacked by armed men, presumable Russian “activists” with clubs, etc., and about fifty participants were wounded, some critically.  The men attacked as the demonstration dispersed, so that individual demonstrators on their way home and separated from the main body were more vulnerable to attack.  Sheer cowardice.

As readers have probably seen in the Western media, the Ukrainian president has pledged a full-scale military operation against armed “activists” attacking public buildings in east Ukraine.  I don’t know how he can avoid such an operation without accepting semi-colonial status for Ukraine vis a vis Russia, but this also could be exactly what the Putin government is waiting for to justify intervention.


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