Fighting in E. Ukraine

The Ukrainian press (,,, the local Mariupol’ paper) is reporting a good deal more about escalating violence in E. Ukraine and the Ukrainian offensive against the Russian “terrorists” (“activists,” “demonstrators”), than the Western press is.  According to these sources five pro-Russian militia were killed in a Ukrainian special forces attack on a “block post” on one of the roads into Slaviansk, held by the pro-Russians.  The Ukrainians suffered one man wounded.

Overnight pro-Russian forces attacked a Ukrainian arms depot in Artemovsk, but fled when the Ukrainian guards resisted.

There are confused reports from Mariupol’ that unknown men attacked the pro-Russian held city soviet building during the small hours of the morning today, and retook the building.  Ukrainian military and police followed up.  However, these reports are confused and I could not discern which side presently holds the city soviet building.

Apparently the Ukrainian government has had enough of the bullying of the pro-Russian activists, and the torture and murder of a pro-Ukrainian unity politician Vladimir Rybak in Slaviansk.


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